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Marcy Kennedy
       The average self-published author sells fewer than 250 copies of each book they publish and earns less than $5,000 a year. For anyone who wants to make a difference by reaching a lot of readers or who wants to turn their love of writing into a career, those are scary numbers. They become even scarier when you hear all the things we’re told authors need to do today to have any chance at success. In this session, you’ll learn the techniques I used to take my secret pen name from a complete unknown to earning a full-time income in six months, while dealing with major health issues and the other life commitments we all face. This session will also explain how to adapt as the market changes, so that when something stops working, you can adjust and continue selling books. This class focuses on selling fiction rather than non-fiction.

Becca Puglisi
It lies at the core of every character’s decision, action, and word, all of which drive the story. Yet authors consistently struggle with how to convey character emotion effectively. Melodrama, clichéd writing, and too much telling create a disconnect between the reader and the characters on the page.Using Character Emotion to Wow Readers will show writers how to draw readers in by creating a reader-character connection based on the techniques offered in The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression.


  1. How to engage one’s audience by establishing a reader-character bond and creating an emotional experience for the reader
  2. How to avoid clichés and write emotions in fresh, character-appropriate way
  3. How to show emotion rather than tell it


   R.J. (Rebecca) Anderson 
 R.J. (Rebecca) Anderson is a preacher’s daughter, a church pianist, and a bestselling author of nine fantasy and science fiction novels for older children and teens. Her books have been published in both the general and Christian markets, her articles have appeared on Novel Rocket, Speculative Faith and Go Teen Writers, and she has taught workshops on worldbuilding, writing and revision at a variety of writers’ conferences including Write!Canada, SCBWI Canada East, and Packaging Your Imagination. Rebecca lives with her husband and three sons in Stratford, Ontario.

Over the past two decades, fantasy and science fiction stories have exploded in popularity with moviegoers and readers alike. Yet speculative fiction has largely failed to find an audience in the contemporary Christian market, and now few religious publishers are even willing to consider the genre anymore. What’s a Christian author who dreams of other worlds to do?

In this practical seminar, R.J. Anderson will share her own experience as a Christian fantasy author who writes for the general market. She will address common fears and misconceptions about working with non-Christian publishers, explore the reasons why many Christian speculative fiction manuscripts get rejected, and offer helpful tips about writing faith-based fantasy that can speak to a general audience. She will also leave plenty of time for your questions.

Sarah Ball From Blog To Book Deal

   Sarah Ball
Blogger, Speaker, Columnist & Author

Sarah E. Ball, is an author, blogger, speaker and mental health survivor.  She inspires others to live fearlessly by sharing her humour, vulnerability and faith. Sarah is the author of Fearless in 21 Days and has appeared on several national television programs sharing her story from panic to praise.  Sarah offers fearless hope to many through her book, blog, online courses and speaking. Sarah lives in Coaldale, Alberta, Canada with her hubby, five kids and puppy Meadow. Check out her blog at saraheball.com

Being a blogger puts you at an advantage when it comes to landing that killer book deal! This workshop is geared towards intermediate writers/bloggers who are looking to take their blog and manuscript to a whole new level. Learn how to build a loyal fan base who will inspire you to find that niche and tell you what to write in that book! Find out why your blog is one of the first places a publisher will look and how you can make a great first impression! Increase your chances of getting noticed and signed by stopping these bad blogging habits and doing it the right way to begin with! Ready to land that fearless book deal?! 


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