2021 Write! Canada Workshop Information

Taking Write! Canada online is an opportunity for us to do things differently.

When we think of what has made Write! Canada meaningful to the participants over the years, two things come to mind. Learning and Connecting.

As we thought about plans for Write! Canada 2021 online, we realized that many workshops can be taken online so learning is achievable. The real challenge will be to facilitate participants connecting with one another.

What we would like to do, as much as possible, is to have lots of interaction between the participants in the workshops. What we have in mind is offering more “intensive” classes.

For an intensive, the group would meet several times online. The workshop leader would present material; participants would share some of their own work, plans, etc. with each other for feedback (via email or a FaceBook group); and then they would come together in online sessions where the leader would facilitate group discussion of each of the participant’s efforts and give guidance based on their knowledge of the subject area.

In this way, the participants will learn AND will connect with the other participants.

Please give us your feedback.