A Word From The Treasurer

As treasurer of The Word Guild/Christian Info Canada, I'm enormously grateful for the generous financial and prayer support of people who care about Christian communication in Canada. Many of you are among those who have contributed liberally, even sacrificially. Thank you.

I believe God puts a burden on the hearts of His followers to give where He wants us to give. In keeping with that, I want you to be informed of some specific needs as you plan your year-end giving for 2012.

First, thanks to all our volunteers whose efforts continue to keep our costs down. But second, as we mature as an organization, we cannot rely only on volunteers if we want to sustain the level of quality we have enjoyed. That means we must raise funds for our work in other ways.

Let me tell you about some of our ongoing work that we are excited about.
The Word Awards: We need additional sponsors to allow us to continue the program at the level it has achieved.
Online Education Program: What we need now is someone to help turn the potential into reality.
Vital Infrastructure: Our current membership/contact system is insufficient. We've been looking at software systems and we will need funds to install a new system and transfer all our data.
Cross Country Connections: We are making plans, in faith, for Denise to travel to Edmonton in January to represent The Word Guild at the strategic Break Forth conference to continue to build The Word Guild as a truly national organization. We're trusting that God will provide the funds so that this won't be a draw on our operating budget.

Is God Nudging You to support The Word Guild of any of these exciting projects? Your gifts will be greatly appreciated, and we pledge to use them efficiently to further the work of The Word Guild. (If your finances won't allow you to give as generously as you might like, perhaps you could volunteer more time to help a project be successful.)

Here's how:
• Send a cheque to our administrator at:
The Word Guild
PO Box 1243
Trenton, ON K8V 5R9
(Cheques must be postmarked by December 31, 2012 to qualify for a 2012 charitable receipt.)

Give online. Click on the donate tab above. (A receipt will be sent at the end of the year.)

• Or get an immediate receipt by using Canada Helps. The link is in the right hand column. You can also set up an automatic monthly gift through Canada Helps.

• Sponsors contact our Sponsorship Coordinator Trish Heidebrecht at twgtrish[at]gmail[dot]com if you would like more information on sponsoring an award for this year's awards program.

• Contact Managing Director Denise Rumble at twgdeniserumble[at]gmail[dot]com if you would like to apply to volunteer in a specific way or if you are interested in information on sponsoring one of our conferences.

For more details view the PDF of the complete Letter from the Treasurer go to the About tab above and look under Annual Reports.