Fresh Ink

 This contest is designed to encourage student writers. Enter original works of fiction or nonfiction to a maximum length of 1500 words OR the first three chapters of a work in progress (up to 15 pages). Read on for more details.

Contest opens November 15th and closes on February 15th at midnight EST

Age Categories:

  • High School (ages 14 – 18)
  • College/University (ages 17-30)

Genre Categories:

  • Short story (1,500 words or less)
  • Non-fiction piece (1,500 words or less)
  • Poetry (1,500 words or less)
  • First three chapters of an unpublished novel–does not have to be finished (15 pages or less)
  • NEW! First 15 pages of a Short Script – Screen or Stage (45 pages or less)

Fresh Ink winners will be recognized at The Word Awards Gala