General Market Category Definitions

General Market pieces have been published for mainstream audiences while still having an underlying expression of the writer’s Christian worldview. These pieces may deal with more difficult topics involving human nature or the brokenness of the world and its people. They may be written in a grittier way and expressions of faith may be subtler. However, the writer’s faith still influences the work and the work may also still offer encouragement or a greater understanding of Christ and the Christian faith.

Articles/Short Pieces

Column – series

  • Two consecutive columns from a minimum of five pieces that appeared on a regular schedule in a publication

Column – single

  • One column from a series that appeared in a publication or a one-time “guest” column. Pieces are editorial, first person essay, opinion or persuasive writing; commentary on a timely subject

Long Feature (1,000 words or more)

  • In-depth treatment of a trend, situation
  • Explicitly aims to do more than inform (e.g. analyze, contextualize, equip, etc.)
  • Research provides a variety of sources, quotations and references
  • Writer does not include his/her own thoughts or opinion on issue
  • Writer evidences neutrality, balance, evenness of tone and usually writes in third-person


  • This may be coverage of a spot news event, such as an accident, or a more general event. It covers the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of the issue. The writer shows neutrality, balance and evenness of tone. It is written in 3rd Person voice and is a sharing of facts. Weight is given for the accuracy of information found from reputable and multiple sources.

Personal Experience

  • First-person or as-told-to narrative in which the author writes about an incident or experience that provided significant personal meaning or a lesson learned, or it is a personal opinion about some topic or issue that is important to the writer

Short Story

  • A fictional story with a fully developed theme but significantly shorter and less elaborate than a novel


Short Scripts

  • SHORT scripts for stage, film, TV or webisodes up to 45 pages in total (collected sketches allowed in aggregate up to the max. ) **Published for scripts means available in paper manuscript form with the intention of distribution to a larger audience it is NOT a requirement that it be performed.**

Full-length stage OR screen play

  • A Script of 100 pages or less in standard format. The author has had a script professionally produced. **Published for scripts means available in paper manuscript form with the intention of distribution to a larger audience it is NOT a requirement that it be performed.**

Books Non-Fiction


  • Focus oncontemporary social issues, global affairs; writing about social issues including justice, poverty, the environment, human rights, or Christianity’s role in contemporary culture

Life Stories

  • Biography, autobiography, memoir, or family history

Books Fiction


  • Fiction whose characters and controlling theme focus on a romantic drama in a contemporary time period (1960 – )


  • Fiction that often focuses on a strange, frightening, or thrilling set of events
  • Fiction where the element of mystery or terror plays a controlling part often a tale of crime
  • Includes mystery, adventure, and thrillers

Young Adult

  • Fiction and non-fiction written for young adults within the 12-17 age range. These may be stand-alone novels or novels written as part of a series and may encompass a range of sub-genres including but not limited to contemporary, historical, biographical, and suspense.


  • Gift books
  • Poetry books
  • Books that include both fiction and non-fiction; for either the Christian or General Market
  • Singularly or Co-authored