Update 2024

Welcome! Submissions for The Word Awards (TWA) for 2024 are now closed. Please note changes this year which are listed below.

We look forward to another season of great submissions and celebrating the work of Canadian writers who are Christian.

The Word Awards (TWA)

The Word Awards recognizes the work of Canadian writers who are Christian. Our awards program exists to encourage writers and recognize their accomplishments over the past year. Through judges’ critiques, writers can hone their skills. Being a finalist (or a winner!) in a category encourages writers in their journey and also gives them promotional opportunities. Together, we are on a path to make Christian writing in Canada the very best it can be.

Changes for 2024

There are a number of changes for the 2024 awards. Please have a look at those listed below:

  • Question of AI use. If AI has been substantially used to write a piece/book it will not be eligible for entry. AI (Artificial Intelligence) refers to tools like ChatGPT.
  • Each writing piece/book may only be entered into one (1) category.
  • One entry form per book or piece. If you are entering two books or two blogs, each must have their own entry form. This is a change from previous years. We hope to cut down on processing errors by making this change. You may consolidate your payment into one payment if not using Paypal. Don’t forget to calculate HST if using e-transfer.
  • There will be two rounds of judging for all book entries. In the first round of judging, books will be evaluated on the first thirty (30) pages. If they score 80% or above, they will move onto a second round which includes a full reading of the book. Then judges will compile a shortlist.
  •  A list of judges will be published this year to honour their work. The categories they judge will not be made public.
  • The Best Blog of the Year Award and the Prix des Mots Awards have been eliminated for 2024 due to a shortage of judges.


Who can enter

The Word Awards are for Canadian writers who are Christian. You do not need to be a member of The Word Guild to submit an entry, but members save money on their entry fees.


The Word Awards has three main categories of awards:

Click on the links above to find entry forms, specific submission guidelines, and other important information.


We cannot do it without you. Your sponsorship and donations help support writers, editors, and students who want to improve their skills and connect with like-minded people for the purpose of touching readers with their messages. Our vision is to impact Canada with great writing and the awards help us reach that goal.

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