Online Seminars

Welcome to our online seminars!

Online Seminars: Seminars are available through an online classroom which you can access from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Once registered you will receive links to your seminars. Please follow these links and input your information to complete the registration. During the class you will be able to hear and talk to the instructor, participate in a live chat with other attendees, and usually benefit from a visual presentation (slide show).
Recorded Seminars: These will be available in our Store. Within a week, a recorded version of the seminar will be available (in case you couldn’t attend live or want to listen again). If there are accompanying handouts or slide show, they will be sent as a pdf so you don’t have to scramble to copy down the info.

Our Online Seminars are temporarily on hold.

We will be posting new seminars after our Write Canada conference in June. Contact us if you would like to become part of our seminar team or would like to be a presenter.