Presentor: Lisa Hall-Wilson

Lisa Hall-Wilson

Lisa Hall-Wilson

Assistant Director for Write Canada
Award-winning freelance writer, author, and journalist published across Canada

She specializes in social media administration, interviews, profiles, and social justice initiatives, and speaks at writer’s conferences. She’s passionate about making this world a better place one get-off-your-butt-and-do-something article at a time. She blogs Through The Fire on her website and writes dark fantasy novels. You will also find her on Facebook A LOT as she provides nuggets of wisdom to a variety of readers including our membership.

What People Are Saying About Lisa’s Classes
“The class was well paced and informative and your notes were clear, understandable and covered the topics very well.” ~Joy Griffin Dent w/a Darcy Flynn

“I am amazed at how much I learned as a result of doing this class.” ~Sarah Brabazon

What People Are Saying About Lisa’s How To Write in Deep POV Classes
“I really enjoyed this workshop. I now have many new tools for spotting opportunities to rewrite in deep POV and guidelines for doing the rewriting. Your presentation was engaging, and the post-workshop handouts will be an important part off my reference library. Loved the 2-fer with Marcy Kennedy!” ~Linda Branam

“Signing up for Lisa Hall Wilson’s class – How To Write in Deep POV – although a last minute decision, brought me no regret about being impulsive. It was well worth every penny. Lisa’s relaxed manner and approachable spirit in teaching this class motivated me to ask questions and find ways to spot the weaknesses in my work and apply the concepts that could shift my story from mediocre to marvelous. Taking this class on Deep POV helped me to think about my storyline, my voice and the emotional impact that I want to create. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in writing fiction. Many of these principles can also be applied to non-fiction, too. Thanks, Lisa. I would take another on-line class with you in a heart beat!” ~Glynis Belec