IMAGO Honours The Word Guild Co-founder Wendy Elaine Nelles


The Word Guild Co-Founder Wendy Elaine Nelles (L) at IMAGO Arts Gala with musician Laila Biali

Wendy Nelles was surprised and delighted to be selected by IMAGO — a charitable organization that encourages Canadian artists who are Christian — as one of 40 featured artists from across Canada to celebrate their 40th anniversary. She was profiled in the printed program along with actors, dancers, poets, musicians, composers, film-makers, visual artists, sculptors, theatre directors, and playwrights, on the occasion of a gala celebration concert held at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto in November. 
Wendy appeared in a video that premiered at the gala to an audience of people well-connected within the arts community. She was asked to speak about the value of IMAGO helping The Word Guild get started, and about the resulting impact on Canada's writers and editors who are Christian. The film editor chose to focus on her comments about the Hot Apple Cider anthologies that showcased 60 members of The Word Guild.
Click on the link to watch the one-minute clip of Wendy's segment or the entire 16-minute video is well worth watching to meet a number of other Canadian artists who are Christian. 
Wendy not only mentors writers, she also takes a keen interest in Christians involved in other arts. She was equally delighted when musician Laila Biali paid tribute to her from the stage during her performance, thanking her for the role she'd played in her career as a friend, supporter and mentor, and for introducing her to IMAGO, which is sponsoring her project for an upcoming CD release.