Leslie K. Tarr Award

This award recognizes a major career contribution to Christian writing and publishing in Canada.

The late Les Tarr, seminary professor, pastor, and journalist was one of the first editors of Faith Today, former Canadian Director of the Decision magazine, and a prolific contributor to a wide variety of secular and Christian publications.  The Reverend Tarr also authored biography, Shields of Canada, and despite disability and many years of painful illness, Les Tarr was a much-published and respected writer who remains an inspiration to us all.

The Tarr Award was created  and administered from 1988 to 2001 by Faith Today magazine and its publisher, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. The Word Guild assumed responsibility for administering the Tarr Award in 2002. Beginning in 2004, the engraved plaque was augmented with a $500 cash prize.

Named in honour of its first recipient, the late Leslie K. Tarr – a journalist, editor, and teacher – the Leslie K. Tarr Award celebrates a major career contribution to Christian writing and publishing in Canada. Specifically, the award recognizes a Canadian citizen who affirms the Apostles’ Creed and who has:

– demonstrated excellence in his or her own writing;
– contributed to the development of Christian writing and writers in Canada;
– helped position the church in Canadian society, leading to better understanding of Christianity.

Candidates must meet all three of these criteria.

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Previous Winners:






 Brian Stiller - Leslie K Tarr Winner
2017 Winner
Brian Stiller, Author/Speaker/Blogger/
Broadcaster  Founder of Faith Today magazine.
2016 Winner
Dr. James Houston, professor/writer

2014 Winner

Katie Funk Wiebe, professor, writer

2012 Winner
Jean Vanier,
Philosopher, Theologian, Humanitarian
2011 Winner
J.I. Packer, theologian
2010 Winner
Jean Little, Story Teller
Ray Wiseman
2009 Winner
Ray Wiseman
Connie Brummel Crook
2008 Winner
Connie Brummel Crook, novelist, teacher
Ruby Wiebe
2007 Winner
Ruby Wiebe, novelist, nonfiction author & teacher
Lloyd Mackey
2006 Winner
Lloyd Mackey, journalist, author & publisher
Bob Harvey
2006 Winner
Bob Harvey, journalist
Margaret Avison
2005 Winner
Margaret Avison, poet
Janette Oke
2004 Winner
Janette Oke, novelist
Margaret A. Epp
2003 Winner
Margaret A. Epp, teacher/author/minister
2002 Winner
Grace Irwin, teacher/author/minister
2001 Winner
Larry Matthews, editor/writer/consultant
2000 Winner
Doug Koop, editor/journalist
1999 Winner
Audrey Dorsch, editor/writer
1998 Winner
Jim Taylor, editor/author/publisher
1997 Winner
Hugh Cook, professor/author
1996 Winner
W. Harold Fuller, writer/author
1995 Winner
John White, author
1994 Winner
Phyllis Mitchell, columnist/author
1993 Winner
Harold Jantz, founder/editor, Christian Week
1992 Winner
E. Margaret Clarkson, poet/author/hymnwriter
1990 Winner
Maxine Hancock, professor/broadcaster/author
1989 Winner
John H. Redekop, professor/author
Leslie K. Tarr
1988 Winner
Leslie K. Tarr, writer/editor/author