Featured Member: Lisa Hall-Wilson

Growing up, I was a small, shadow-of-a-girl who lived with the characters in my books and hid from the world. Life taught me that sometimes bad things happen, sometimes the bully wins, and no one hears you no matter how loud you scream. But through my stories I had a voice – and people listened. As an adult, the faith I discovered in my teens gave me the courage to face my fears, stomp on the pretenses, and use my writing to ‘comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable,’ to find the authentic, the real, the heart-of-the-matter.

I blog Through The Fire because the truth sets us free. I’m honest – sometimes too honest, but I’m real. I pursue the truth, the deeper take-home message, because no experience (good or bad) is wasted when you share it to help others. I talk about marriage, parenting, things that make me mad, make me cry – make me look at the sky and say, ‘Why?’

As a freelance journalist, I write to further the work of faith-based nonprofits, bring awareness to social justice issues, and bring glory to God by sharing the untold stories of the Saints to encourage and edify others. I’m doing what I can to make this world a better place one get-off-your-butt-and-do-something article, blog post, and smile at a time. You can read a few of my favorite published articles here.

Mermaids and Amazons to King Arthur and Robin Hood, behind every myth is a kernel of truth that was retold, endured through generations, and grew until it was more fantasy than history. I write dark fantasy novels to wrestle with unanswered questions, to discover the truth even, or especially, in extreme situations where character and morals are tested and stretched.

Advice from Lisa  to new writers on where to focus their energy:

I was given this same advice six or seven years ago. Learn to write for magazines and newspapers even if novels or book-length, non-fiction is your ultimate goal. Those editors are always looking for new content and are usually willing to help out new writers. Plus, it’s a great way to get some experience, learn to write to a deadline, expand your network of contacts and sources, earn credibility with book editors and publishers—and getting your writing in front of the larger audiences frequently.