Novice Writers Capture Contest Awards

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The Word Guild rewards writing excellence by never-before-published writers in its 2012 God Uses Ink writing contest.
BRANTFORD, ONTARIO—Nine novice writers have been awarded prizes in The Word Guild's God Uses Ink writing contest for 2012. These winners represent a group of emerging writers ready to augment the already large number of award-winning Canadian writers who work from a Christian worldview.
Each year The Word Guild, a Canadian association of writers and editors who are Christian, recognizes the talents of aspiring writers who have never been published. Prizes are given in three age groups: 14 to 19, 20 to 39, and 40-plus.
“This year’s entries in the youth and young adult categories of the God Uses Ink competition were fresh, appealing and captivating,” commented judge Wayne Hagerman. “Many of these young participants show great potential, and I would not be surprised to see future books and publications by many of them.”
AGE 14-19
First: Esther Roth —"The Greatness of I Am"
Second:  Emily VanMarion —'Time the Thief, Time the Giver"
Third:     Tracey Dyck —'Redemptive Scars'
AGE 20-39
First:   Laura Bokma —'Poems for the Head and the Heart"
Second:  Elizabeth Michel —'Peacock Praise"
Third: Anita Neuman —"BEYOND: Chapter Two"
AGE 40+
First:   AJ Brown —'Forgiveness The Easy Way, or How-To-Keep-Your-Socks"
Second: Ches Hill —'From I.V. to Ivy League"
Third:    Lynne Collier —'Raising Benjamin Frog'
The first prize in each division—free registration to Write! Canada, Canada's largest Christian writers' conference—is worth over $400. Second and third prizes consist respectively of $100 and $50 gift certificates for The Word Guild, both of which may be used toward national or regional conference registration or membership. This year’s contest received over 60 submissions! Entries could be submitted in fiction, non-fiction, article, or poetry genres. The 28th annual Write! Canada conference will be held from June 14 to 16, 2012, in Guelph, Ontario.