Why Enter the Awards

Why enter the awards?

The role of critique and affirmation in the writer’s journey—what to expect when you enter The Word Awards.

Kelly Ditmars,  a member of The Word Awards Planning Team,  speaks with one of the judges, writer and speaker Dayna Mazzuca, about this dynamic topic for writers wanting to take their work to the next level. Be inspired. Watch the videos and join the conversation. We are on this path together, to make Christian writing in Canada the very best it can be.

In the first video Kelly and Dayna discuss the spectrum of where we land as writers; some of us starting out and looking for affirmation and constructive feedback; some of us writing professionally for years and open to more in-depth comments and input. Either way, we all need to own our work and be the ones to sift what might refine our work, and set aside what’s not helpful for us. This is an important process; Kelly and Dayna share their experience and stories.

In the second, shorter, video Kelly and Dayna unpack what writers might want to look for, in detail, to better align their writing with the spiritual gift they bring to the page or screen. These are bonus insights and meant to springboard your own inspiration as a writer wanting to press ahead; to finish with a flourish!