Write Canada Online 2017

Write Canada Online 2017

 The Word Guild is proud to introduce Write Canada Online 2017, its first online conference. Circle October 21 on your calendar to take part in this affordable and convenient series of webinars.

Why Write Canada Online?

 This online conference comes after recently surveying our membership with a host of questions, including questions about conferencing. One recurring response was that people wanted to conference, but without the high cost of travel and accommodations. As a result, Write Canada Online is born: convenient, affordable, and still an avenue to receive professional instruction and top-notch networking opportunities.

When and where is Write Canada Online 2017?

 Write Canada Online 2017 will be held October 21 at a computer or other digital device nearest you. It is wherever you are, even if you’re travelling, away from home.

What is the cost of Write Canada Online 2017?

 The cost is $80 for Word Guild members and $95 for non-members.

Who will be the director?

 Lisa Hall-Wilson has taken on the challenge of putting together this conference.

 What teaching will Write Canada Online 2017 have available?

 This online conference will have two tracks: a marketing track and a fiction track.

  • Registrants are sent personal passwords and then choose the appropriate online classroom for the webinar they wish.
  • Regardless of which classes they chose or attended, registrants will also have access to playback for any and all classes of the day’s webinar.
  • Instructors will be announced in ample time prior to October 21.

How will Write Canada Online 2017 work technically?

 Online classes are created where video, instant messaging and screen session recording are available without any downloading. It’s akin to logging into Facebook and having video stream automatically.

  • There will be a 15-20 minute break between sessions.
  • Unlike a physical classroom, if one presenter runs overtime, it does not affect the start of the next session.

What if I experience technical problems?

 An average of 10 per cent of participants of online conferences report problems. For this reason, full technical support is provided by the host of Write Canada Online 2017. This support includes a call-in feature.

How do I pay for Write Canada Online 2017?

  • You will be pay able to pay online when registration opens.


Will there still be more physical Write Canada conferences?

 Yes, there are plans to continue to hold the physical Write Canada conference every other year, with the next one planned for 2018.

Will more information be coming?

  • Yes, more conference instructors will soon be announced, along with information on what to expect with the marketing and fiction tracks, plus other information as it’s needed. Stay tuned.

Can I help?

  • Yes,there will be opportunities to help. For example, each class will need a moderator. Stay tuned for more information.