Write West Coast Schedule and Workshops


8:00 Registration/mingle
9:00 Welcome from The Word Guild
9:30 Worship
10:00 Workshop A1: Scene and Sequel–To Plot and/or Get your Story Going. OR A2: Writing Dynamic Devotionals
11:00 Coffee break
11:15 Workshop B1: Fiction Story Arcs with Big Hearts OR B2: Writing for print; writing for the web
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Keynote speaker
2:30 Workshop C1:Motivation, Marketing, and Money—The Why, How, and How Much for Writers OR C2: Fiction Flaws: Find’em & Fix’em
3:30 Coffee break
3:45 Panel with Q & A
4:45 Closing (Survey & door prizes)


A1 Scene and Sequel–To Plot and/or Get your Story Going: Use the techniques of Scene and Sequel to build your plot, and keep building it, raising the bar, and reader interest, with every scene as your story progresses. Learn how to add hooks without being obvious, and for every answered question, create a new one that keeps the reader from putting your book down.

ejdheecc Gail Sattler is an award winning author of over 30 (royalty/advance) novels and novellas. Gail balances her writing deadlines with a full time day job, as well as being involved with a local jazz band and a community orchestra. Gail also is a workshop teacher and critique group coordinator for one of her many writers groups.

A2 Writing Dynamic Devotionals: Devotions connect the dots between Scripture and everyday life. In few words, they encourage and challenge readers’ faith. Discover several types of devotions and learn how to write them most effectively so they resonate with your audience. Grace Fox has more than 1,500 published devotions to her credit.

teal 2 Grace Fox is the author of eight books including Moving From Fear to Freedom: A Woman’s Guide to Peace in Every Situation. She’s a parenting columnist for Just 18 Summers and a regular contributor to Guideposts’ Mornings With Jesus annual devotional. Media including “100 Huntley Street” consider her a trusted guest. www.gracefox.com

B1 Fiction Story Arcs with Big Hearts:

ChristineLindsay Christine Lindsay’s complex psychological and historical novels have earned the ACFW Genesis, The Word Guild Award, Grace Award, and been a finalist twice for Readers’ Favorite. Also a favorite speaker at Christian Women’s Clubs, Christine is looking forward to the release of her non-fiction book Finding Sarah—Finding Me: A Birthmother’s Storywww.ChristineLindsay.org

B2 Writing for print; writing for the web:
When we finally understand that web readers scan, hop, and click their way through online content we will undo many rules we learned about writing and begin to change our hook, length, tone, sources, and structure. This session gets us into the psychology of online readers so we may transform print-based pieces to online-articles (or write web stuff differently right from the start). Attendees should bring an article they wrote for a print magazine and be prepared to transform it for online publication.

TRP Bill's picture Bill Strom teaches media and communication at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC. He is author of More Than Talk (Kendall/Hunt Publishing) and The Relationship Project (Beacon Hill Books). He publishes devotionals and lifestyle pieces with Power to Change, Canada and blogs about close relationships at www.billstrom.ca.

C1 Motivation, Marketing, and Money–The Why, How and How Much for Writers:
Do visions of the sleazy used car salesman in a gaudy plaid jacket and polyester pants leap to mind when you think of marketing?
Most writers dream of quitting the day job and writing full-time. Oh, and making boatloads of money. Rather than toil away in obscurity, clinging to fragments of that far-off dream, perhaps it’s time to:
– Take a clear-eyed look at why you are a writer and how that question impacts your success
– Learn how you can most effectively find and reach your readers
– Get a sharp focus (or even a clue) on that money thing.

In this workshop we will examine your motivation and what you hope to achieve through your writing. If you intend to make money from your writing, your trajectory will be different from a writer who writes for posterity, or to evangelize. Once you understand your motivation marketing to your audience becomes easier and more effective.

ME-Lace Top Close-up 12 Feb 2016 Wendy Dewar Hughes is an award-winning author and has written and published twelve books, including novels, non-fiction, novellas, and short story anthologies. She is a professional artist, designer, and creative coach. Wendy has a strong background in sales and marketing, travel and hospitality, and wholesale and retail business, as well as writing, publishing, and book design. She has travelled and lived overseas. Wendy produces creative lifestyle training and business programs and videos to enable creative individuals to develop their gifts and prosper. Connect with Wendy at her website: http://www.wendydewarhughes.com

C2 Fiction Flaws: Find’em & Fix’em: Nothing happens nowhere. How can authors find and fix flaws in their handling of story settings? How can they recognize and repair string-of-beads plotting, low-conflict plotting, and overactive plotting? What can authors do about characters who suffer from Roget’s disease, fake dialogue, counterfeit emotions, or Brenda Starr dialogue? These are just a few of the questions we’ll explore in this workshop. Come and learn to be a better fiction writer.

Elma (Martens) Schemenauer. Photo by Robert S. Schemenauer Elma Shemenauer has written 76 published books. They include the 1940s-era Mennonite novel CONSIDER THE SUNFLOWERS, set in Vancouver and Saskatchewan and published by Borealis Press of Ottawa. Elma grew up in Saskatchewan, spent many years in Toronto, and now lives in Kamloops. More information at http://elmams.wix.com/elma .